WATCH: Navy Seal DESTROYS Smug, Disrespectful CNN Host

CNN claims to be the “most trusted name in news,” yet they repeatedly use anonymous sources and fake news to try and make Donald Trump look bad. This came back to bite them on Tuesday, when former Navy SEAL Carl Higbie appeared on the network and made it clear that he is sick of their nonsense.

Western Journalism reported that Higbie shot down CNN anchor Kate Bolduan after she tried to cite anonymous sources in their conversation about a report that Trump shared highly classified information with Russia officials during a White House visit last week.

It all started when Bolduan asked if Higbie finds what Trump did worrisome, since he has handled classified information in the past. He fired back by referring to remarks made on Tuesday by White House National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster in which he acknowledged the sharing of sensitive information was “wholly appropriate” to the situation regarding Trump and Russian officials.

“I’ve been sitting here quietly, listening to all this BS, quite frankly. Did you listen to anything McMaster said today?” Higbie asked Bolduan. “Where he said, ‘I was in the room, that didn’t happen?’”

“You’re basing all of these allegations off of one or maybe two sources,” he added.

Bolduan became visibly frustrated and unhinged after hearing this, stumbling to claim that multiple outlets had verified the story.

“Tell you what, come out, name those people, then we’ll have something to talk about,” Higbie said. “They’re hiding behind this anonymity.”

This caused Bolduan to attack Higbie for criticizing her network’s sources.

“Please! Do not even start with me, that you’re just going to attack sources. That is ridiculous,” Bolduan said. “Do not attack the stellar reporters of CNN.”

“OK, the stellar reporters of CNN that I am going to attack right now and say: ‘Guess what? I don’t believe them because they are staying anonymous,’” Higbie shot back. “If they stand behind the story, come out, face the camera.

The segment then devolved into CNN panelists chastising Higbie for criticizing anonymous sources, but he can rest assured that he definitely made his point and humiliated Bolduan on live television!


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