[WATCH] Muslims Angry Over What Wyoming Patriots Just Did To The Holy Book

A video is going viral after a few badass patriots got together for a little demonstration in order to show exactly what they thought of the religion of Islam. Taking place in Wyoming, what the group decided to do to the Quran – well, let’s just say that Muslims aren’t too happy about it.

The incident took place as Chelsea and Jon Roan, who are members of Americans for a Secure Wyoming, lead what they called a “Ban Islam in Wyoming Rally.” As a functioning mosque is set to plague their community, it’s clear they weren’t there in support of the religion

Chelsea and Jon Roan burned a Qu’ran as an act of justice for the victim’s of Muhammad’s Islam.
The burning took place in Gillette Wyoming at Camplex Park Space 5 at the end of the Ban Islam In Wyoming rally.

This is extremely bad and every religion should be respected. Burning Holy book is not a good thing to do in the times of tension.

In order to do that, the group gathered in Gillette, Wyoming at Camplex Park in order to voice their opinions regarding what Muslims are doing to this world and America. Although there is a handful of Muslims in Gillette at the moment, Chelsea and Jon decided that the best way to show soon-to-come Muslims that they weren’t welcome was to publicly tear up and burn the Quran.


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