USM Professor Threatens Violence On Flag Supporters

Every week since the University of Southern Mississippi took down the state flag, a group of supporters has held a protest at the front of campus. Always peaceful, flag supporters simply want the public university to fly the official flag of the state.

Yet counter protesters have often gathered opposite to make their feelings known, with the usual litany of profanity and threatening language, as well as their typical promotion of leftwing causes.

At this week’s protest, the 98th consecutive week, Southern Miss history professor Douglas Chambers was caught on camera threatening violence on a flag supporter:

He, along with the few other counter protesters, was also heard taunting retired history professor, Dr. William K. Scarborough, who once taught courses on the Civil War and the Old South, and was there in support of the flag.

According to one report, the counter protesters chanted, “‘Scarborough is a hater,’ ‘Scarborough’s history is a lie,’ ‘your reputation is ruined,’ ‘your uncles died for nothing,’ while making comments about being on his deathbed and wishing for him to die.”

Professor Chambers certainly has the same free speech rights as those who support the flag. He is free to flip the bird all he wants. But is violent language really the proper conduct of a member of the faculty of a taxpayer-supported university? Is this the kind of behavior we want in teachers tasked with instructing our youth?

Those are the questions we need to consider.

If you want to let this taxpayer funded university know how you feel, contact them at the Office of the President.

And contact your state representative and senator and tell them to cut funds for institutions of higher learning that refuse to fly the state flag.

It’s time to get control of our colleges and universities! They belong to us!


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