The lease was up on Barack Obama’s Air Force One with the expiration of his presidency. While that was just a chance of timing, President Trump stepped in to not only renegotiate the exorbitant cost of the aircraft, which came in millions higher than necessary but also took advantage of the renegotiation to make some much-needed changes to the new design. These proposed changes weren’t revealed to the public until today and as soon as his plans for the new Boeing rolled out in public view, everyone immediately noticed one thing that has liberals losing their minds more than before.

Being the leader of the most powerful nation in the world comes at a great cost, some of which is at the hands of your own citizens.  For that reason, the vehicles that transport our Commander-in-Chief need to be specially equipped to do so safely, especially to protect against angry imbeciles who will stop at nothing to get a “winning” round off as the martyr for the liberal movement. Such is the plan for what’s set to be completed a few years from now.

Leftist psychopaths have posed a threat that no liberal leader ever saw from conservatives. While our president saved a substantial amount renegotiating the production cost of the new Air Force One, he didn’t scrimp on details that will benefit leaders for years to come on this contract.

As part of the perks of being the president with golden taste and fierce negotiation skills to support the luxe accommodations on a “dime,” you get an Air Force One that resembles that of the Trump Tower in Manhattan. If Trump isn’t elected in 2020, heaven forbid, his replacement will enjoy this new ride in the sky no matter how much he/she hates their predecessor.

Looking more like a five-star hotel, here’s a sneak peek into Trump’s Air Force One, compliments of GreenPoint, that liberals thought Barack Obama deserved but didn’t necessarily earn:

Image result for VIP Boeing 747-8

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The accommodations are fit for a king or queen and Trump knew how to negotiate it in a way that cost far less but resulted in much more. That’s the kind of leader America can benefit from and nobody can argue the luxurious accommodations for how hard our new president works to fix the mess that Barack Obama left him.

Related image

Related image

This spectacular dining room appears capable of seating up to 14 guests.

A private office is seen.

A customized lounge inside of a VIP Boeing 747-8, finished by Greenpoint Technologies, is seen.

Great deals are made in great spaces, and Obama didn’t make those arrangements to warrant such accommodations. While the previous Air Force One had similar safety and luxury assets installed, Trump’s aircraft has at least twice the protection and comfort as others in the event of those plotting to dispose of him actually get crazy enough to try it.

The next thing liberals will likely complain about is that Trump is using too much of America’s funds for his protection. However, this wouldn’t be the case if they hadn’t created the problem and need for it, but he creates the budget for the extras that Obama couldn’t ever fathom.


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