Terrible News: Three Marines Are Missing After Plane Crash, Trump’s Response Says It All.. ?

Apparently, Donald Trump has plenty of time during his vacation to tweet angry responses to CNN segments, but not enough time to so much as mention the three U.S. marines who have gone missing off the coast of Australia.

An MV-22 Osprey aircraft crashed into the water on Saturday while trying to land aboard a U.S. vessel, reports NBC News. Of the twenty-six occupants, twenty-three were rescued. Three of the marines aboard the aircraft at the time of the crash have yet to be found.

Search and rescue operations to locate the missing marines were abandoned on Sunday after showing no signs of progress, reports CBS News. Efforts have shifted to recovery operations, indicating that the three marines are presumed dead. The wreckage of the Osprey itself has been recovered by the Australian Navy.

The Osprey has long been a controversial aircraft, as it’s been involved in several high-profile crashes. The complex structure of the craft and its tilt-rotors allow it take off and land as a helicopter would, but also allow it to fly like an airplane once in the skies. Military.com reports that in the wake of this latest accident the U.S. Marine Corps is considering grounding all Osprey pending further safety reviews.

CBS adds that Trump was told about the incident by his Chief of Staff John Kelly on Saturday. Still, the president remains silent on the issue.

By now, it should surprise no one that Trump has failed to address this tragic accident. He likes to use the military as a prop to make himself seem tough, but he fails when it comes to actually supporting our active servicemen and women, or honoring our veterans. Someone needs to remind him that like it or not, he’s commander-in-chief now, and he has responsibilities to our military personnel.



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