Paul Manafort and Me Donald Trump never connected with the guy who replaced me. And the New York Times reported on his activities in Ukraine, Trump said, “I’ve got a crook running my campaign.”

The accompanying is a portion from Let Trump Be Trump by Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie, to be distributed on December 3.

We were some place over New Jersey, on our way to an occasion in Delaware, on the Trump helicopter when significant trouble come to the surface. On board were Mr. Trump, the battle’s press secretary Hope Hicks, security boss Keith Schiller, one Secret Service specialist and me. Paul Manafort had been a piece of the crusade for half a month, his business to sufficiently secure agents to push Trump over the best at the Republican National Convention.

At the point when the supervisor initially requesting that I set up a meeting for him with Manafort, I needed to think for a moment before the name appeared well and good. It was Tom Barrack, the CEO of the venture firm Colony Capital and a companion of the supervisor’s for a long time, who prescribed Manafort. I decided, and a supper was set up for the next week at Mar-a-Lago. The principal thing the manager said when he met Paul was, “Amazing, you’re an attractive person,” similar words he’d said when he initially met me. Manafort, who was more established than me by around 30 years, had some work done to secure his young appearance.

Manafort had made key unions with individuals from the Trump family. In April, weeks before the tradition, he traveled to Florida to meet with individuals from the Republican National Committee. There, he disclosed to them that everything Trump had said up to that point was a stratagem—and he would demonstrate to them the genuine Donald Trump starting now and into the foreseeable future. Paul Manafort would change Donald Trump.

While were noticeable all around, heading for Delaware, some person—I think it was Ann Coulter—tweeted out a statement from Manafort saying that Trump shouldn’t be on TV any longer, that he shouldn’t do the Sunday appears. Also, starting now and into the foreseeable future Manafort would do all shows. Since he’s the fucking master, isn’t that so? Not Trump, who had effectively turned the entire essential race on its head.

In this way, we were in the helicopter and Hope said to Trump: “I turned down all the Sunday demonstrate demands.”

“What?!” the supervisor shouted. “Without asking me?”

“Indeed, sir,” Hope stated, “Paul said he doesn’t need you on TV.”

Trump went fucking ballistic. We were still finished the New York metropolitan zone, where you can get cell benefit in the event that you fly at a low height.

“Lower it!” Trump shouted to the pilot. “I need to make a call.”

He got Manafort on the telephone, “Did you say I shouldn’t be on TV on Sunday??” Manafort could scarcely hear him as a result of the helicopter engine. Be that as it may, Trump stated, “I’ll go on TV whenever I goddamn fucking need and you won’t say another fucking word in regards to me! Tone it down? I wanna turn it up! I don’t wanna tone anything down! I played alongside your delegate graphs, however I have had enough.”

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We handled the whirlybird at the heliport and got into the auto. I was in the back of the auto, with Trump alongside me on the traveler’s side. He got Paul on the telephone and totally devastated him again verbally. Ripped his fucking head off. I wish I’d recorded it, since it was one of the best takedowns ever.

“You’re a political ace? Wowser something. I’m an ace at life. I’ve been around a period or two. I know folks like you, with your hair and your skin… ”

I had worked for Trump for 15 months, and he had never addressed me like that. He had ripped my go head to head, beyond any doubt, yet never to disrespect him. I never put on a show to be more quick witted than the supervisor, since I’m definitely not. Be that as it may, Manafort did, and he isn’t. In spite of the fact that I felt vindicated, the inclination didn’t keep going long. I quickly got a telephone call from Jared Kushner, Trump’s child in-law, revealing to me that I wasn’t a cooperative person and that I’d tossed Manafort under the transport. After his call with the manager, Paul had called Jared and griped about me. I trusted the family figured I wasn’t a cooperative person and that I was attempting to disrupt Paul’s association with their dad. They didn’t understand it was the a different way: attempting to undermine me. I knew right then that my activity had a termination date.


After four months, it was August 14, a Sunday night, and Trump Tower was moderately unfilled. It was Steve Bannon’s first day on the Trump battle, so he advanced toward the fourteenth floor and found a work area. Similarly as he was settling in, his telephone rang. It was Manafort, who had turned into the Trump battle supervisor, supplanting me.

Prior that day, Bannon had initially met the hopeful and his crusade administrator at Trump’s green in Bedminster, New Jersey. Manafort had seemed wearing deck shoes, white capri pants with string ties and a blue coat finish with a peak on the front pocket.

Thurston Howell III, Bannon thought.

Presently he was inquiring as to whether they could meet.

“Certainly, where are you?” Steve inquired.

“Trump Tower,” Manafort said.

All things considered, that is advantageous, Steve thought.

“I’m in 43G,” he said.

The loft, similar to every one of the flats in Trump Tower, was lovely, with a drop-dead view.

Manafort needed Steve to take a gander at a transcript of a story, yet another, that a New York Times correspondent had sent to him. Bannon read the initial three sections and afterward looked into him.

“Twelve-point-seven-million-dollar installment from Ukraine?”

“The amount of this is valid?” Bannon inquired.

“It’s all falsehoods,” Manafort said. “My legal counselors are battling it.”

“At the point when are they going to run it?” Bannon inquired.

“They’re undermining to distribute tomorrow.”

“Does Trump think about this?”

“What’s to know? It’s all untruths.”

“Be that as it may, if it’s in the paper somebody needs to surrender Trump a heads, in light of the fact that if it’s in the paper, it’s existence.”

“It was quite a while back,” he included. “I had costs.”

Bannon comprehended what he had in his grasp.

It was a hazardous, Page One story. What’s more, regardless of whether the story wasn’t valid, it was in the fucking New York Times. At any rate it would leave a check.

Similarly as Steve had thought, the story ran the following day, August 15, on Page One, over the overlay.

“I have a law breaker running my crusade,” Trump said when he read it.


Trump advised Bannon to flame Manafort immediately. Steve contended that terminating his crusade director would cause a shitstorm of awful press. Rather, he contended that Trump should take away his power and give him another title, which is what happened. At the point when the battle declared the new group, Bannon had the title of crusade CEO, Kellyanne Conway was the crusade chief and Manafort remained the title of battle executive.

The kill shot for Paul went ahead Thursday August 18, when Trump was going to go in front of an audience at a rally in Charlotte, North Carolina. A companion demonstrated to him a printout of an AP story composed by Jeff Horwitz and Chad Day. In view of messages that the AP had acquired, the story portrayed Manafort running “an undercover Washington campaigning operation for Ukraine’s decision political gathering, endeavoring to influence American general assessment for the nation’s star Russian government.” It additionally said that Manafort and his appointee, Rick Gates, had “never uncovered their work as outside operators as required under elected law.”

“Advise Jared to flame him,” Trump said.

The following morning at a breakfast meeting in Trump Tower, Jared requested that Manafort leave. At in the first place, Paul recoiled. He was stressed over the impression of being constrained out of the crusade directly after the Ukraine stories broke.

“It will influence me to look blameworthy,” he said.

Jared let him know there wasn’t much that should be possible. A public statement was going out in 60 seconds.

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