OH MY GOD! After Obama Gave Kill Order For Bald Eagles, Look What Trump Did To Save Them!

If you didn’t know, Obama hated America while he was President. He even passed a law that allowed for Bald eagles to be killed or injured in the thousands by the high-speed turbines on wind turbines.

Here is how it potentially happens:

Obama passed new regulations that allows for these companies to kill 4,200 of these birds per year, according to the Washington Times.


Trump tweeted the following in 2014.


Windmills are the greatest threat in the US to both bald and golden eagles. Media claims fictional ‘global warming’ is worse.

Now, look what Trump is doing to solve this issue.

President Trump is now signing an Executive Order to rescind former President Obama’s plan to curb global warning, including the one that targeted bald eagles, according to PBS.

Trump is chipping away at the crappy legislation of the Obama era and will scrap wording about climate change from the orders.


U.S. Chamber of Commerce President Thomas J. Donohue said that he was glad Trump was taking “bold steps to make regulatory relief and energy security a top priority.”


“These executive actions are a welcome departure from the previous administration’s strategy of making energy more expensive through costly, job-killing regulations that choked our economy,” he said.

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