Obama Sued Over Massive Scam He’s Been Hiding Since He Left The White House That Screwed Trump-Supporters When..

For as long as 8 years Barack Hussein Obama did his best to devastate our nation while facilitating the mission of his Muslim siblings. While we had all trusted that this backstabber would drive his golf truck into the dusk never to be seen again, that is unfortunately not the situation, as Hussein Obama’s shadow government is going all out, as the previous president fixates day in and day out on better approaches to take Trump down.Image may contain: 2 individuals, individuals standing

After two terms of an Obama administration, nothing this man does truly does should come as an astonishment considering the explicit demonstrations of conspiracy he did at whatever point he got a large portion of a possibility. Dumping billions into radical liberal gatherings, putting Iran on a way to atomic weapons, gutting our military, and dumping out GITMO, and the rundown continues forever.

As Hussein Obama parades around proceeding to look down on every one of the laws he softened while up office, a gigantic outrage to the tune of a 800 page archive has recently dropped, after the inconceivable earth that a guard dog bunch has quite recently uncovered, adding yet another embarrassment to Obama’s as of now poop recolored “heritage.”

As per breaking reports, the administration guard dog gather Judicial Watch is by and by sparkling the light on Obama’s shady administration. Obama attempted frantically to keep this data covered up, and it took two separate FOIA claims with respect to Judicial Watch to at last get this data discharged to people in general.

Moderate Daily post revealed:

It took Judicial Watch one Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) ask for and two FOIA claims to get the numbers on the Obama uses, and when the dollar sums were totaled, the measure of squandered cash was shocking and sickening: over $114 million spent by the previous president while in office on battle outings, golf, and family vacations.Image may contain: 2 individuals, individuals standing

The records originated from the Secret Service and the Air Force.

Among the costs citizens paid for were crusade trips by previous First Lady Michelle Obama so she could stump for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Two crusade excursions to North Carolina, last October, by Mrs. Obama cost citizens over $40,000.

One end of the week, two get-aways, twofold charging citizens: Mrs. Obama likewise sent citizens the bill for some expensive excursions while her significant other was running up tabs on particular get-away getaways AT THE SAME TIME. Valentine’s Day end of the week 2014 must not have been a sentimental time for the Obamas in light of the fact that she went to Aspen, Colorado, while he went hitting the fairway in Palm Springs, California.

Mystery Service costs for Michelle Obama’s outing to Aspen that end of the week totaled about $90,000, and over that, her visit close down the Aspen airplane terminal for 60 minutes. Then, President Obama was running up greens expenses while jump starting in California. His end of the week getaway (from both the workplace and the missus) cost $183,529.62 in Secret Service costs—an aggregate that does exclude the rough $140,000 (or more) every hour travel working expenses of Air Force One.

Quite, Mrs. Obama and the Obama kids likewise spent Valentine’s Day Weekend (which is additionally President’s Day end of the week) in Aspen in 2012 and 2013.

Obama additionally gouged citizens for over $7 million flying forward and backward to Chicago amid the most recent three years he was in office.

Obviously, most Americans are very much aware of the huge measure of time previous President Obama spent on the green while he was in office. He earned the title of Golfer-in-Chief for the time he spent on the connections. One site logged 306 separate golf trip amid his two terms. That is almost an entire year he spent pursuing his balls around the yard while citizens got the expenses of his treks and the cost of towing his Secret Service parade around with him.Image may contain: 2 individuals, individuals standing<>

What’s much all the more aggravating is the means by which following the Benghazi outrage where Obama and Hillary lied their rear ends off about the assault being propelled by a “disturbing YouTube video,” Obummer at that point traveled to Las Vegas for a store raiser keeping in mind the end goal to support his possibility of a moment presidential term. Numerous Americans were totally stunned at the insensitivity of Obama, as his needs clearly weren’t about dead Americans.

What’s as yet mind blowing is the means by which Obama is as yet influencing us to pay for his luxurious way of life. “Obama is STILL sending bills to U.S. citizens. Mystery Service costs for the previous president add up to about $2 million, including almost a million dollars for lodging facilities, since he exited office in January,”

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