Ronald Tarentino Jr. was lost to a horrific murder crime. His family was struggling with coping, expenses, and it seemed like literally, no one cared. That’s when Tom Brady and the New England Patriots stepped in to help the family of the murdered police officer. The wonderful people of a prestigious Super Bowl champion Patriot team was able to raise $86,000 for the fallen officer’s widow and three sons.

The amount of gratitude this family has after losing their husband and father cannot be matched.

The Auburn police officer was shot and murdered by Jorge Zambrano during a routine traffic stop. Officer Tarentino didn’t even make it up to the car before Zambrano pointed a gun and shot the officer in cold blood.

Zambrano had only been out of jail for six days at the time of the shooting.  His previous cases came under harsh scrutiny with questions as to why he was out on the street and able to murder a police officer.  One prior case showed his clear disdain for police as he fought one officer and pulled him into a vehicle with a pit bull inside.

Out of jail for barely a week and already murders someone. This is proof of two things. The first being that some people don’t belong in public and deserve to be executed in prison. The second is that our prison system is pathetic and needs reform. We bring in criminals and send them out of jail WORSE than the way they came in. They need job training and to learn how to act like a human being. If our prison system worked, then this criminal may not have pointlessly shot a police officer and ruined the life of the family who now lives without their husband and father.

As the family worked to rebuild after the incredible loss of Officer Tarentino, their blue family went to great lengths to get them the support they needed.
Officer Ronald Tarentino’s lifetime friend, Rob Bjorkgren, became a police officer in Tewksbury.  Bjorken’s wife Nicole attended an event just after Tarentino’s death and mustered up the courage during a second’s long encounter to ask NFL legend Tom Brady for his help.Nicole asked Brady for 10 seconds of his time during the Best Buddies Bike Ride, The Boston Herald explained.  She quickly told Brady about the loss of Tarentino and his family left behind.  Brady replied, “I really want to help.”

That is amazing. The fact that a future Hall of Fame quarterback responds to the plea for help from a public service employee shows how nice Tom Brady and his teammates really are. You can’t deny this.

“That immediate response shows where his heart is at, and that Ron’s death has made an impact on him as well,” Tricia Tarentino, Ron’s widow said afterward. “Ron was just that kind of person. He had an amazing personality and wanted to reach out to help others. I think that’s why so many people have responded to this tragedy. It’s just a great loss.”

“They’ve grown up watching Tom Brady and looking up to him,” she said of her sons, Ronald III, 21; Spenser, 18; and Kyle, 15. “I can’t even tell you how great their response was. They were blown away. They were so excited.”

To lose your father and then watch your childhood football star stand up for your father and be there to support you, raise money to help you make up for the loss of income, and simply be there as a human being is one of the most amazing stories you will read this week.

Deep down inside, some celebrities and athletes have a human side to them too. They’re not all bad over entitled liberals.

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