NEWS: Trump Just Summed Up His First 200 Days In Truly Delusional Fashion

The President of the United States can’t seem to relax on his “working vacation.” Once again, Donald Trump has taken to Twitter to complain about how the “AmazonWashingtonPost” and the “FailingNewYorkTimes” refused to cover an innocent meeting between former President Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

The trigger for this appears to be an opinion piece in the right-wing Washington Examiner by Emily Jashinsky, which cites one journalist as having been reluctant to do the story. Trump failed to mention that the editors at the Washington Post were “still pretty interested” in the story of how Bill Clinton met Loretta Lynch on the tarmac for a meeting that set the overactive imaginations of the alt-right afire with suspicion.

But Trump wasn’t done yet. The perpetually insecure President also began boasting about all of his “accomplishments,” of which he has none, somehow hoping that if he repeats this lie enough it will somehow become true.

What he means by “fake suppression polls,” one can only guess, but it’s likely that he’s feeling upset about the deluge of polls that show him at astonishingly low approval ratings – the latest putting him at just 32% approval, six months in.

He’s signed no major bills except the sanctions bill against Russia that he fought tooth and nail against having to sign. No legislative accomplishments of note, his racist policy initiatives shot down by the courts – but in Trump’s brain, those cold facts are just fake news.

Three American marines were just lost in an Osprey crash in Australia, North Korea has miniaturized nuclear weapons, and domestic terrorists are bombing mosques in Minnesota – but all Trump cares to talk about is himself.


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