MUSLIMS ARE FURIOUS: French mayor says the total banning of Islam is the only way to solve problems

A French mayor is pushing for a law to ban Islam – explaining that it is “the only solution for most of France’s problems”, the Express writes.

Robert Chardon, who is mayor of Venelles, a town in the south of France, tweeted: “We must ban the Muslim faith in France.”

He called for the country to removal a secularism law dating back to 1905 – and instead “promote the practice of the Christian faith”.

Chardon added: “We also need a Marshall Plan to send Muslims to countries where the religion is practiced.”

He is confident that the religion will be banned in October 2027 – but did not explain the significance of the date.

He later explained to the newspaper La Monde that his plan is “the only solution for most of France’s problems”.

Chardon is vice president of the Organisation of Municipalities around Aix-en-Provence.



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