Muslims Force DISGRACEFUL Act On Churchgoers Attending Easter Sunday Mass

Today is Easter, which is a Holy day for Christians around the world. As we celebrate the resurrection of Christ in our churches and with our families. It is a special day for all who celebrate it, but there are those who seek to mock it.

Of course, we already know we need to contend with liberals, but now there are the emboldened Muslims around the world. These people have been given more power than they deserve, and they are using it to their advantage. So, it is no surprise that would mock Christian traditions right in front of us.

Westminister Abbey is rich with history and it is one of the United Kingdom’s most notable religious buildings. This building has been the traditional place of coronation and a burial site for the English as well as British monarchs. The grounds of Westminister Abbey are sacred and anyone caught climbing the fence that protects it are typically arrested.

Westminister Abbey is a sacred church in England.

Well, that is if you are not a Muslim. See, today we in a world of political correctness, where special groups are coddled. And, one of those groups today are Muslims, and what was caught on camera is disgusting

It appears that Muslims decided that praying on the grounds of Westminister Abbey was an appropriate thing to do. These Muslims scaled the fence and began to pray right in front of churchgoers and the police did nothing.

Here you can watch this disgusting event here.

Could you even imagine the backlash if Christians were to pray on the grounds of a mosque? It would be a considered a hate crime with life in prison.

But, as we know Christians are now the enemy and everyone else is the victim.

It is obvious that this was to antagonize Christians around the world. They know that they are protected and that no one will challenge what they did.

Of course, people on social media are up in arms, and rightfully so. But, there always those who will apologize for Muslims.

One Facebook user named Viv Mills had this to say about the incident.

“On any level this is wrong, but because they are Muslim the authorities seem to think it’s ok. Well, it’s not ok and if the powers that be don’t do something to stop this kind of thing this country will explode and the Muslims and their appeasers will be to blame. The British people will only take so much and they are almost at breaking point”.

Muslims praying on the grounds of Westminister Abbey.

Another person had this to say about the disgusting display.

“They didn’t need to pray there they are just doin it now to make a statement. Statement bein we pray were we want and there’s nothing u can do about it really pisses me off they just do it to be inconvenient and cause disruption and a scene.”

While there were many condemning the actions of these Muslims, there were some special snowflakes in the mix. One of them said that they were only praying and not harming anyone. While another stated that maybe they were praying for safe travels back to the Middle East.

Sorry snowflakes, I don’t buy it and I am sure you don’t either. These people are doing all they can to provoke us to see how far they can go.

The question is, how far are we willing to let them go?


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