Muslim Refugees Sexually Harass White Girls, Quickly Regret It When Dear Old Dad Shows Up

While two teen sisters were walking home, they were sexually harassed by a pair of refugees who have targeted the girls many times before. This time, however, one of the girls just happened to be on the phone with her dad who heard what was happening and arrived just in time to make the disgusting perverts pay.

For no other reason than feeling morally superior, Germany’s leftists have flooded their nation with Muslim migrants, most of whom adhere to Sharia law and Islam’s supremacist fundamentals. They have ignored the fact that 72 percent of asylum seekers to Europe are men and that they are committing a disproportionately higher number sexual crimes against women and children than Western men. As a result, the few German men who are unwilling to passively watch as their nation crumbles to political correctness are rising up and defending their loved ones only to be discriminately punished by the liberal powers that be.

As the liberal dream unfolds in Germany, 2 teen sisters were experiencing the misogyny and brutality that rules Muslims countries. The girls, who are 15 and 16, had been forced to endure sexual and racial harassment daily for weeks from a pair of Afghan asylum seekers, aged 18 and 31, for no other reason than that they are white non-Muslim females. One Saturday, however, the threats and vulgarity took a sinister turn.

German newspaper Online Focus reports that as the girls and one of their boyfriends were walking home in Gauting on June 3, the 18-year-old Afghan stood up in front of the teens on a park bench and began masturbating at the traumatized girls while his 31-year-old accomplice sickeningly cheered him on. Fortunately, the 16-year-old girl happened to be on the phone with the one man she knew she could depend on.

The girls’ 44-year-old father immediately jumped into his vehicle and rushed to the nearby location to defend his terrified daughters. The outlet reports that as soon as the angry dad arrived on the scene, he tore into the masturbating migrant, hitting him in the face.

Local police arrived shortly after the father, intervening in the scuffle before the father could do further damage. The asylum seekers reportedly made numerous threats against the girl’s boyfriend and father while police were taking their information, displaying their complete disregard for the law and authorities.

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the case is that the father and boyfriend are now facing criminal charges for trying to protect the girls from the sexual deviant refugees. According to Freie Zeiten, the police have issued a restraining order on behalf of the girls against the asylum seekers but are investigating the father and boyfriend for felony charges.

Separate hearings are expected for the migrant criminals, as well as the father and boyfriend, proving the disturbing flaw in Germany’s justice system. Authorities confirmed that the migrants are facing charges of exhibitionism and threats of violence while the Germans are under investigation for assault and threats of violence. If the police move forward with their claims, the father will likely receive harsher penalties than the migrants as his imminent charges are more serious than that of the refugee sex offenders. Tragically, this flagrant misuse of the law to protect criminal migrants is becoming far too common in Germany.

In keeping with Germany’s crackdown on thought crimes, a 62-year-old Berlin woman was sentenced in March to pay $1,500 for sharing an insensitive meme about asylum seekers on Facebook. The meme reportedly read “Question: Do you have anything against refugees? Answer: Yes, machine guns and hand grenades.”

While Germans are punished with outrageous sentences for insulting Muslims, Muslims are freely preaching the Quran’s violent and racist commands from the mosques, recruiting for terrorist organizations, and slaughtering innocent civilians in the streets.

Germany has sealed its fate by allowing the Islamization of its legislation, which is now no less than Sharia blasphemy laws. Because most Germans refused to speak out against this ideology, they have become slaves to it. Sadly, the rest of their liberties will follow unless they revolt against their government. Hopefully, this is a warning taken seriously by the rest of the West before it too falls to the threat of Islam.


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