Muslim Mob Takes Over DFW, Force Everyone To Endure Something HORRIFYING

So Muslims TAKE OVER baggage claim at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, and everyone is ok with it? Imagine if Christians tried something like this! We’d be rounded up and charged with a crime. However, when the Muslims do it it’s ok because “we can’t offend them.” That’s BS, we don’t bow our heads to “Allah” and we certainly don’t bow to any Muslim.

Christians in Muslim countries would be STONED if they tried this. The media just won’t report on it though, because that doesn’t fit their agenda. You know what this looks like to all the poor passengers that had to endure this? An INVASION. These are hard working Americans that are being forced to sit through their prayer ceremony and if you tried to disrupt it you’d be labeled as “islamaphobic.” Disgusting. If you don’t like our culture, LEAVE.

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According to Conservative Post:

The anti-Trump protests are going precisely as liberals planned. Sharia Law can already be seen showing its ugly face at several rallies.

For instance, the unbelievable scene at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport.

The rally at DFW began like so many others at airports around the country.


Liberal politicians showed up to apologize for President Trump trying to keep America’s border safe, and bent over backwards to make all Muslims feel welcome, regardless of their intentions.

Well, the Muslims of Dallas responded by demonstrating precisely what they have planned for America. And precisely why President Trump’s restrictions are needed.

Swarming the baggage claim area, a mob of Muslims began chanting the Islamic call to prayer, and then held a large prayer service right there.

All other travelers were forced to endure this imposition of Islam on their lives. And the authorities were helpless.




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