Muslim Convert Lindsay Lohan Caught On Remote Beach, Onlookers Repulsed At What She Was Doing There

Lindsay Lohan got her name in fame starting as a cute red-head actress for Disney but now as an adult has become practically unrecognizable. The washed up actress traded in her stint with alleged drug use for a new kind of abuse, having converted to Islam. As “trendy” as she thinks she is, her supposed tolerance for the barbaric religion just backfired on the entitled Hollywood idiot after what repulsed onlookers caught her doing on a remote beach.

Lohan’s new mission in life has become lecturing Americans about being kind to Muslims and is so self-deprecating in her message that she decided to convert to Islam. She’s often seen sporting a headscarf around Hollywood, but now her ignorant antics just reached a horrible new low.

It’s clear that the 30-year-old has no clue what she’s dealing with in Islam as we previously reported she traveled to the Middle East to meet with “ISIS-supporting Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who many experts claim is the true ‘father of ISIS.’” Lohan is still roaming the globe, this time in Thailand where she went to a secluded beach with something “special” for a photoshoot that shows just how ridiculous she really is.

The once rising starlet made a complete fool out of herself as she’s traded in her two-piece for a full “burkini.” Proud of her repulsive new look, she posed for a series of pictures which most Muslims would probably think was making a mockery out of the religious garb, despite Lohan believing she’s showing solidarity and is serious about her new religion. She’s putting herself, and her seemingly faux belief in Islam, on full display which will make her a target by those who she thinks she’s one of but clearly knows nothing about.

Muslim Convert Lindsay Lohan Caught On Remote Beach, Onlookers Repulsed At What She Was Doing There
Lindsay Lohan on the beach in Thailand in her burkini

Meanwhile, the point she thinks she’s making to the Western world and against our president fails on delivery. Everyone sees her as a delusional lost little child who is now living life in a state of psychosis. If she doesn’t quit this lifestyle soon, she could get the full wrath of Islam which she was warned about by supposed “bigots,” while high on her arrogance that she’s somehow enlightened. Something tells me she’d want to trade in her burka for a bikini the second she became enslaved to an old man who has five other wives.


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