The Mother Of A Fallen Soldier Wrote To Donald Trump About Her Grief, And He Ignored Her…

This week, Donald Trump found himself in yet another controversy, this time for being insensitive to a Sgt. La David Johnson’s wife as she was on her way to receive her husband’s body. Before the disastrous call, he claimed that he called every soldier’s family, or at least wrote them a letter. He even tried to throw Former President Obama—and every president in history—under the bus by claiming that the didn’t often call or write. Trump claims, “I think I’ve called every family of someone who’s died.”

He hasn’t. Sheila Murphey, the mother of a fallen soldier, told the Associated Press that after her 22-year-old son Etienne died while serving in Syria, Trump neither called or wrote to her.

So she wrote to Trump. “Some days I don’t want to live,” she told him. And Trump still hasn’t responded.

One of the jobs of the president is to be the “consoler-in-chief” for the nation, but all he’s done so far is prove that he is incapable of showing empathy or understanding. When the nation was shocked by a horrific display of white nationalism, he defended the Nazis and Clansmen. While Puerto suffered, he blamed them for the damage caused by a hurricane and belittled them. And when four men died in Niger while defending America, he ignored it and only called when media put pressure on him—and when he did call, not only did he tell the widow that her husband “knew what he signed up for,” he lied about not saying it. Johnson’s own mother had to verify Trump’s remarks.

And that’s when Trump actually does call.


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