You Might Not Want to Wear Your Confederate Flag Cap Into This Coffee Shop

A musician wearing a Confederate cap appears at a Connecticut café to sing and play his banjo during open show night. Before he finished, his cap is obliterated and a worker in the coffee is terminated.

As announced by The News-Times, U.S. Aviation based armed forces Stan Weston was really busy playing out at a set when the unidentified employee came in front of an audience and his top:

Weston was stunned, saying he never gave the cap any thought:

“It was open mic night, and I was playing the banjo, so I didn’t think much about wearing the hat. It’s just an old family heirloom.

I wasn’t wearing it as any kind of racial symbol. I just recently found it among some of the grandfather’s old stuff.”

Weston was stunned, saying he never gave the cap any thought:

As indicated by The News-Times, an associate of Weston had beforehand gone to the stage while he was performing and took his cap. He said he didn’t consider much it, accepting his cap would be returned after his music.

Definitely, no.

The police were called, however left after the worker consented to apologize and repay Weston $20 for the destroyed cap.

“What she did was wrong. If they had a verbal conversation about the hat, I would have supported her. The sentiment I agree with, but not her actions.Everyone is welcome here but they have to be willing to engage in civil discourse.”

The one who posted this on Facebook told The News-Times that Cahill is an “amazing woman” was so wrong about that:

“This has nothing to do with racism; it’s freedom of speech. I think Wendy is an amazing woman, but this just doesn’t make any sense.”

Then Weston said in his later interview:

“I used to go to Molten Java when I was younger, and it was always a very inclusive place. People weren’t brandishing weapons back then.

I was just shocked that someone took such a violent approach.”

Weston initially decided not to press charges against the employee, but said: “They told me the case was closed and there was nothing more they could do.”


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