Michael Moore Says He Refuses To Live In America After Trump’s Military Trans Ban

Michael Moore went onto the Late Show with Stephen Colbert to vent his frustrations over President Trump’s transgender military ban. “What is so disgusting about this is, if you are transgender trying to get by in this society, I couldn’t think of any more brave people to have defending this country than transgenders,” said Moore.

Liberals think that being transgender already requires more bravery than being a soldier. So transgender soldiers is like a bravery extravaganza for them. He went on to suggest that the soldiers should “refuse to leave.”

 “Just say, ‘We’re not going anywhere. Come get us.’” What we have is a commander in chief who is trans-Siberian. That’s maybe the bigger problem,” said Moore.He went on to suggest that he doesn’t want to live in America when Donald Trump is President. “I will say this: I refuse to live in a country where Donald Trump is president,” said Moore. But then… “and I’m not leaving. So something’s got to change!” said Moore. Boo!

He went on to encourage an “army of citizens” to attack the President. “We have to form an army of citizens and come at him like a swarm of bees. And, frankly, I suggested a few months ago that we have an army of satire, because I think the way to bring him down is with satire. His thin skin, as you pointed out so well, is so thin, all we need is 1,000 or a million little comedy shivs—nonviolent, don’t hurt him—but just under his skin because he can’t take being laughed at,” said Moore. He’s a bully! Check out the video below.

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