Man Threatens To “F*cking Kill” Woman On New York City Subway, “You Know This Is My Country, Right?” [WATCH HERE]

A Brooklyn man threatened to kill a woman on the Q train because he thought her eyes looked “Chinese.” After the woman had asked him to stop staring at her, the man began yelling:

“Look at your f*cking eyes, you’re f*cking Chinese. Motherf*cker — get the f*ck out of my country before I murder your whole f*cking nation.”

But the woman tried to inform him, “This is my country, too. I’m not Chinese; I’m white.”

That didn’t convince him to stop yelling.

“You know this is my country, right. You’re in my f*cking property. You are my property. I have the right to f*cking murder your whole f*cking nation.”

The oddest part is that the man screaming about his country is the one with the accent.



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