The Man Behind The Jewish Center Bomb Threats Has A Twitter Page Filled With Anti-Trump Hate

The man behind the bomb threats to various Jewish community centers made repeated statements about hating President Donald Trump.

The FBI arrested Juan Thompson for making about eight bomb threats to various Jewish community centers, schools and organizations in the country. Thompson, a former journalist at The Intercept and potential communist, has a Twitter page filled with anti-Trump comments.(RELATED: Anti-Trump Communist Arrested For Jewish Community Center Bomb Threats)


Thompson called Trump “Hitler” in one tweet.

”  is restricting immigration from Sudan. More “terrorists” have come from Europe, but single out Africa. This dude is Hitler,” Thompson tweeted.

More of Thompson’s tweets centered around calling Trump a “fascist” and wishing he would die.

“Blame this on racists fascists, there are plenty among us, and your news media that gave Trump informercials. ,” Thompson tweeted out election night.

Journalists and media personalities were quick to blame Trump and his supporters for the threats against Jewish community centers before Thompson was arrested.


Howard Wolfson from the Bloomberg Foundation called the attacks part of life under the Trump administration.





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