Lou Dobbs Just LET LOOSE on Paul Ryan and Leaked his DIRTY SECRET [VIDEO]

Lou Dobbs had Rep. Ron DeSantis on his show last night to discuss the latest developments with Congress and President Trump. Dobbs nailed the RINOs to the wall.

The two men discuss how baffled they are at the resources being thrown at the fake Russian collusion narrative that is being pushed by the deep state, despite having NO evidence of any collusion.

Then Dobbs UNLOADS on Paul Ryan in an epic rant:

“Speaker Paul Ryan … has been perfectly willing to aid and abet the Dems and the left in this country through his leadership position in the House and his sway over the House leadership committee. It’s APPALING!”

DeSantis completely agrees with Dobbs but can’t give him an answer as to why it keeps happening. Watch Dobbs go off on Ryan again right after that.

Dobbs is completely on-point with this and Paul Ryan needs to watch this clip and realize that he needs to start serving the people that elected him instead of people that are lining his pockets otherwise he is not going to be in that position much longer. The American people are fed up with this nonsense!

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