Look How One Company Just Responded To The “Day Without Immigrants” Protest

First off… I thought it would be funny to open this up by showing you one of the article titles that CNN released regarding the “Day Without Immigrants” I think you’ll find it hilarious…and of course FAKE NEWS!

Nationwide ‘Day Without Immigrants’ shuts down businesses

That’s right. On a day when every knows that this title is absolutely untrue, CNN decides to run it anyway. This America is how you know CNN really thinks we are brainless idiots…just like their brainwashed liberal viewers who wouldn’t know the truth even if it slapped them in the face.

In fact, not only is that title NOT TRUE, it isn’t based on anything substantial to begin with. It is literally the actual OPPOSITE of what has been reported by the social media news outlets.

Which is: Nothing big happened….don’t sweat it America, we actually seem to be running fine without illegals, so you should thank a protest organizer for this proof.

Anyhow, while CNN was trying to scheme up a title to use against their liberal ass hat viewers, THIS employer decided to take matters into their own hand and prevent any ‘stupid’ from happening in the first place.

You must see this sign…it’s BOSS!


That’s right. It’s literally an ultimatum for the workers that are even thinking about walking out and trying to protest on something that makes zero sense. First, you have a job…and so why are walking out thinking they will hold your spot?

Only a liberal would think that they could have a job that would allow them to not show up just because you want to prove to America that she needs you. Something about that sounds ALL off, and yet…some did it anyway.

Well, it backfired….so now what illegals?

Silly liberals…tricks are for kids.

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