Liberal Actress’ Poll On Trump Resignation Gets More Than 112,000 Votes — Here Are The Results

Almost nobody expected Donald Trump to win last years’ presidential elections, but he proved many wrong.

We could rarely see polls that predicted him winning, and he still did – showing us anything is possible.

This is why we cannot rely on Twitter to be scientific evidence, but let’s see how this post got over 100k people to answer!

You probably know Alyssa Milano, a pretty famous actress. She is a liberal fighter, and has always been against our President Trump. This is why she posted her own poll, asking for her followers’ thoughts on an interesting and political topic. According to The Blaze, it was about resignation.

Here is the first tweet she shared:

The poll read ‘Would you like to see Trump Resign? ‘. The final result was more than intriguing, as she has mostly a liberal audience. First of all, nobody expected that much people to respond. However, it got over 20 thousand shares and around 112,000 responses.

Here you can see the one with the final results:

This was mostly from her 3.18 million followers, so it is hard to argue that it was shared by conservatives. Nevertheless, the final tally ended as a tie. The result was 50-50. Those who said they’d like Trump to resign were the same number as those who wouldn’t like that to happen.

Her fellow actor George had Milano’s support and wanted his follower base to join in order for them to win it:

Of course, this must’ve disappointed Milano because she is a die-hard-leftist. If she’d know it would’ve ended like this, maybe she wouldn’t even post this. However, it is still a hard pill to swallow that Trump can’t end up on top of a poll. Six months in, we expected some more popularity.



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