JUST IN: The Supreme Court Gave Trump’s Travel Ban An Amazing New Gift!

The Supreme Court just allowed a temporary lift of Trump’s travel ban  restrictions!

Couple of days ago, 9th Circuit Court of Appeals barred the government from refusing to take in refugees that are part of the US Refugee Admissions program or have assurances from resettlement agencies.

Justice Anthony Kennedy signed the order that temporarily blocked the 9th Circuit’s order – or with another words, the refugees in that category will continue to be barred. The Supreme Court made the decision two hours after Acting Solicitor General Jeffrey Wall filed a request for a stay:

“Refugees are not by their will connected to resettlement agencies,  as the students that study at an American university, workers at an American company and lecturers who come to speak to an American audience do, nor can the exclusion of an assured refugee plausibly be thought to ‘burden’ a resettlement agency in the relevant sense.”

The ban is actually meant to prevent travelers from Iran, Libya, Solamia, Syria, Yemen, and Sudan from coming to the US for 3 months.

The Supreme Court will hear two cases challenging the ban next month, which are unsurprisingly expected to be on shaky ground.

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