Just In! President Trump Honors Veterans Who Sacrificed Their Lives For Our Country With This Emotional Speech! (Video)

We finally have a President that respects our Military. The fact is, President Trump appreciates the courageous people who give their lives for the homeland. That is why during his powerful speech today was something special!

President Donald Trump marked his first Veterans Day in office saluting American veterans in Vietnam, home to one of the most polarizing conflicts in U.S. history.

He took to Twitter moments ago and gave this emotional speech!

On this wonderful Veterans Day, I want to express the incredible gratitude of the entire American Nation to our GREAT VETERANS. Thank you!
Video below:

Contrary to how our President is portrayed in the media. Actions speak louder than degrading words.

President Trump truly loves our great Country and the Vets who sacrificed their lives, for our Country and honors them in a way that brings them the utmost honor for their sacrifice, being recognized by the President!!

He is a true leader with a wonderful heart.

Are you proud of our Veterans?

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