Jeff Sessions Just DESTROYED Hawaii Judge’s Ruling on Trump’s Travel Ban

Jeff Sessions has never been the type of man to dance around his intentions or pander to left-wing interests. That’s why it’s not surprising at all that Sessions plans to appeal directly to the Supreme Court as soon as possible after a Hawaii federal judge limited the scope of President Trump’s travel ban.

U.S. District Judge in Hawaii, Derrick Watson made his own ruling on the travel ban that says that “close family” referred to in the travel ban verbiage would include cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, grandparents and grandchildren in cases involving immigration law. With his ruling, those close family members would be exempt from the travel ban.

Jeff Session came out swinging at Judge Watson after he heard the ruling. “The district court has issued decisions that are entrusted to the Executive Branch, undermined national security, delayed necessary action, created confusion, and violated a proper respect for separation of powers. … The Supreme Court has had to correct the lower court once, and we will now reluctantly return directly to the Supreme Court to again vindicate the rule of law and the Executive Branch’s duty to protect the nation.”

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