Jason Chaffetz Exposed The Truth About Loretta Lynch, And She Tried To Hide it

GOP Rep. and House of Oversight committee chairman Jason Chaffetz is not letting Loretta Lynch in the clear. On Saturday, the Utah representative said that the Justice Department’s inspector general’s office is inspecting ex- Attorney General Loretta Lynch attempting to shut down the FBI’s email probe of Hillary Clinton.

Chaffetz stated that this is uncommonly crucial moment and explained that Agency Inspector General Michael Horowitz dived into this and is expected to write an inclusive report on Lynch. The report will mostly concentrate on her supervision of the dropped FBI email investigation during the 2016 presidential campaigns.

Chaffetz added that the remark evidently initiated a series of events. The Senate Judiciary Committee officially asked Lynch and others to answer to allegations of “political interference” in the Clinton FBI email investigation.

Lynch has always been painfully biased, however, this pushed things to a larger extent. President Donald Trump has been absolutely explicit regarding his intentions to drain the swamp, therefore self-serving politicians like Lynch should be the first to go.

Taking this into consideration, it is time to pay closer attention to something that in fact hurts this country.

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