HORROR IN NEW YORK CITY – Please Send Prayers…

Law enforcement officials have issued a terrifying warning to New York City this week saying that the deadly MS-13 gang is planning to target the city for more bloodshed.

The New York Post reported that the officials said the recent spike in murders committed by MS-13 in Long Island is part of a concerted effort by the El Salvadoran gang to wreak more havoc in the city. Nassau DA Madeline Singas explained that MS-13 gang members in El Salvador have “implemented the ‘New York Program,’ which mandates an increase of violence and bloodshed in New York.”

Singas said this after announcing the arrests of dozens of reputed MS-13 gang members as part of a 41-person indictment. She said the gang members that were arrested are responsible for 32 violent acts in Nassau, including eight attempted murders. Most of the crimes involve handguns and machetes, the latter of which is the main weapon of the MS-13 gang.

“MS-13 has terrorized communities, killed innocent people, and stolen the childhoods of the vulnerable young people they recruit to join their ranks,” Singas said. “We will be unrelenting in our efforts to stop MS-13 from recruiting in our schools and spilling blood in our streets.”

This comes after President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions pledged to do everything they can to eradicate MS-13 in the U.S. Sessions has previously called MS-13 “one of the most violent gangs in the history of our country,” and has suggested it could be labeled a terrorist organization under the Trump administration.

Please send prayers to the people of New York as they struggle to get rid of this deadly gang!


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