GREAT NEWS! Guess Who Just Came Out In Support Of Trump? Media SILENT.

The media just can’t catch a break lately. Their liberal media is so destroyed that one of their own has just turned on them. They won’t acknowledge that, of course.

Condoleezza Rice just came out in support of Trump. During an interview on The Global Politico, Rice said, “I think, for instance, to say to the Chinese, ‘If you don’t deal with the North Koreans, we will.’ There’s nothing wrong with that message… I think to say to the Syrians, ‘We are not going to sit by and let you gas Syrian babies.’ I think there’s nothing wrong with that message. I think to say to Vladimir Putin, ‘Yes, I want to meet with you but at an appropriate time.’ I see nothing wrong with that message.”


That’s right: the foreign policy expert approves of Trump’s messages to North Korea, Syria, and Putin.

Hearing Condoleezza Rice speak is a sharp reminder of what Secretaries of State were like before Hillary Clinton took the mantle. There’s no self-interest, just focus on what is best for America, and, as a second priority, what is best for the world.

Rice is capable of understanding the nuance of global events. Unlike the mainstream media, she does not see Trump’s discussions with Russia as some kind of treason.

She recognizes that Trump has taken a hard stance with China. In fact, it is a position of strength that is in the best interests of us, our allies in Korea and Japan, and even the suffering people in North Korea.

She also seems to understand that President Trump’s MOAB response to the Syrian gas attack was also reasonable. You can’t kill children on our president’s watch.

In fact, just before the 16-minute mark, Rice even talks about how she’s looking forward to seeing Trump’s support of Israel. Won’t that be a hard one for the liberals to hear!

The truth is, politicians with grace and America-focus can overcome the inane accusations of the media, and the Democrats, to look at Trump with honest eyes. Well, relatively honest. Rice still clings a bit to the Russian narrative. I imagine that’s the only part of this interview the media will allow their readers (or what few readers they still have) to hear about.

Although Rice pretends Russia is an issue, I bet she will still lose the favor of the deep state. Now, when you move away from their narrative in any way, punishment is sure to follow.

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