FALSE ALARM: Reports That George Soros Has Died Were Premature. He Did, However…

George Soros wasn’t on the plane that crashed in the Hungarian Alps, killing everyone on board. His spokesman just confirmed that Soros boarded a plane this morning for Hawaii, where he had lunch with Barack Obama and the federal judge who blocked President Trump’s new travel ban.

Soros said through the spokesman:

“I feel very fortunate to have survived this afternoon considering I was supposed to be on that plane. I am instead having brunch with friends and discussing politics and strategy. It is very unfortunate that the people who were killed won’t be there to help. Their families will be well taken care of.”

The three people killed in the crash were the pilot and two Clinton campaign aides who had direct knowledge of her private server issues. They were under federal subpoena to testify after Spring Break. How convenient that they won’t be able to. Soros says they were accompanying him to his cottage in the mountains for some strategy sessions for 2020. It looks like we’ll never know the truth now since Hungarian officials have already deemed the crash pilot error and closed the case.

More blood on Clinton’s hands? Probably

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