On Saturday morning, amid increased tension between the United States and North Korea, the rogue regime launched a missile test which was widely reported to have been a complete failure. However, concerning new information from military experts has now been revealed, and it suggests the test was not exactly what it seemed to be at first.

U.S. Pacific Command announced that the missile blew up shortly after takeoff while still in North Korean territory, leading many to believe that the test did not have the desired outcome. But, upon further inspection, South Korean officials now believe the missile’s mid-air explosion was entirely deliberate.

“We don’t believe the mid-air explosion was an accident,” said a South Korean government official. “It’s believed the explosion was a test to develop a nuclear weapon different from existing ones.”

The missile, suspected of being a KN-17 “carrier killer,” exploded two to three minutes after launch after climbing to an altitude of 44 miles. Military experts told The Korea Times that missiles stabilize at 13 to 18 miles above the ground, which means there is a “very low” chance of internal failure having caused the missile to explode at 44 miles.

Adding to the speculation is the fact that North Korea launched the missile across its entire territory from east to west, leading some to speculate that the hermit kingdom was deliberate in keeping the missile from splashing down near where a U.S. Navy carrier strike team is positioned.

The development is leading the South Korean military to raise the possibility that the North is planning to conduct an “unconventional” above-ground nuclear test. North Korea’s five nuclear tests have all been conducted underground. [Source: Western Journalism]

These new reports suggest that President Donald Trump has been prudent in his dealings with North Korea, sending the U.S. Navy to the Korean Peninsula and working with China and Japan to combat the threats of dictator Kim Jong-un. However, it appears that despite the warnings from our president, North Korea has no intention of backing down regarding its nuclear weapons program.

Still, Kim Jong-un would do well to curb his aggression. He is picking a fight with an opponent who is far better positioned to succeed in warfare should it come to that. Indeed, North Korea is not even capable of manufacturing enough ammunition domestically to support its own military. This should come as no surprise when you consider the fact that most of the country’s citizens are starving.

Perhaps instead of the near weekly missile tests that he’s so fond of, Kim Jong-un should focus on finding a way to feed his people. Lord knows he’s done a fine job feeding himself.


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