Donald Trump Is In TROUBLE, Contractors For Trump International Hotel In Washington, DC Say They’re Owed MILLIONS!

Just weeks before the 2016 Election, Trump stopped in D.C. for the grand opening of his new Trump Hotel. Trump bragged that the hotel, a $200 million renovation of the historic Old Post Office, came in ahead of schedule and under budget. He praised his team, “including hundreds of construction workers, electricians, maintenance workers and so many others who helped make this project a reality. They’re really the important ones.”

But—as it turned out with so many of Trump’s other projects—companies are still waiting for their final payments. According to NPR, “three Washington-area companies have filed liens against Trump International Hotel totaling more than $5 million.”


The three companies include Joseph J. Magnolia Inc, who filed a $2,98 million mechanic’s lien; AES Electrical Inc., owed $2.075 million; and A&D Construction, who submitted a claim for $79,700. While A&D is a small company compared to the other two, it’s a lot of money for the small Hispanic-owned business. “It’s ridiculous that a small-time operator has to beg for its money,” the firm’s lawyer Richard Sissman says. “It’s put him in a very bad situation right now.”

This time, the federal government might have to get involved, as they hold the lease on the building, according to Steven Schooner, a contract specialist with George Washington University. “The way the lease is structured, it said they may step in and discharge the lien but they’re not actually required to,” he says. However, Schooner also indicated that the government would prefer it if Trump International solved its own problems.

Right up until winning the election, Trump was proving to be the worst businessman to deal with it.


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