There’s a reason that Colin Kaepernick has been out of public view for the last few months since his anti-American stunt all last season backfired on him in humiliating fashion. Since the second he decided to take a knee for the National Anthem and become the Black Lives Matter poster boy for every single game of the season, his career began to crumble to the point of extinction he’s found himself in today. Just when he thought he had taken the last hit to his ego, when not a single team wanted to draft him as a free agent, he just got blindsided my more bad news that he definitely deserved after begging for a job and getting an absolutely brutal response instead.

Kaepernick was reaching a high point in his NFL career when he decided to go low for an entire season and use his public platform to disrespect our country and those who defend it. He didn’t think he would pay for it in any way, especially with the support he got from Barack Obama and all of his Black Lives matter goons. However, now, he’s wondering where all of his “friends” are who once had his back but are now nowhere to be found when he needs them most as an unemployed guy. Nobody wants to risk their own livelihood in hiring for any capacity as he just learned in the worst way possible.

“Citing an anonymous general manager from one of the teams in the NFL’s American Football Conference (AFC) told Bleacher Report that Kaepernick has three major points working against him,” World News Politics reports.

When the free agency first began, Kaepernick probably just assumed that everyone would have forgotten about his sideline antics. They didn’t and definitely don’t want anything to do with his anti-American attitude at the huge risk he is to a team’s reputation. They aren’t just avoiding him because of what he represents and the fact that his playing skill has been on a steep decline — it’s also because NFL executives said that they “genuinely hate him,” according to The Tribunist.

It’s not just a small few who are avoiding what would inevitably become the Kaepernick curse – it’s the majority. 70 percent of teams are willing to decline any talent he would bring them next season because “genuinely hate him, and can’t stand what he did,” the report added.

“They think showing no interest is a form of punishment,” the general manager said. according to Bleacher Report. “Some teams believe Kaepernick cannot play at a high level anymore.” The fear of backlash is real, especially now more than ever since American have an outspoken patriot as president now and not one like Barack Obama who would make excuses for or praise such sickening behavior.

Kaepernick’s stance is more unpopular today than ever before, which shows a great sign of a new era we entered into with the swearing in of Donald Trump. Let’s not forget his public statement during his highly paid season:

“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color,” he said. “To me, this is bigger than football, and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

That rhetoric worked under Obama, but not under Trump, and America is better off because of it. Not even Black Lives Matter is shouting this anthem anymore because nobody is giving them attention or reparations for it. It’s not ironic how all of this rhetoric has slipped into oblivion now that we have a new Sheriff in town who doesn’t support it.

Looks like Kaepernick just learned an important lesson in patriotism and that the country who supported his sports career doesn’t stand by his political statements that had no place in the stadium.

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