BREAKING: Uncovered Obama White House Recordings PROVE He’s Guilty Of Treason (AUDIO)

Another US president has just fallen victim to recordings made in his own office. For Nixon, who was sitting in the chair at the time, it ended in his resignation and a pardon from Ford. For Obama, who has no ally in the Oval Office and no protection from prosecution, it could end in a charge of treason.

A recording made by an aide who was standing just outside an open door captured audio of Obama having a conversation about the election and debates. He specifically calls for the killing of the leadership, which obviously means Trump, along with the creation of “organizations” to control the will of the people from the time of the debates right through election day.

Here is the audio. It cuts in and out a little so we’ve added a rolling transcript to make it easier to listen:

This is no laughing matter, Patriots! Just imagine what would happen in this country if a sitting president just said and did anything and everything he wanted. All this guy did was fly around and play golf. What kind of person treats the people who elected him with such disrespect?

The Justice Department has the original copy of the recording for what they tell Breitbart is now part of an ongoing investigation.


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