BREAKING: Paul Ryan Just Stabbed Trump In The Back

As President Trump works his fingers to the bone to fix NAFTA, expand health care and secure a budget that will keep the federal government from shutting down, he’s being blocked at every turn by the Democrats. They refuse to get in line to make sure the country continues to function.

The White House, in need of some momentum on the issues, used an exploratory panel to find out what they need to do moving forward. What they found is nothing short of treasonous.

It turns out that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan went behind the backs of all of his political allies, Trump included, to obstruct the president’s agenda and work with the Democrats. President trump, speaking to a press pool reporter ff the record, said that Ryan is “finished in this town.”

Trump is promising to end the career of the biggest weasel in Washington. It should be fun to watch.


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