BREAKING: Obama Realizes He’s Not Welcome In America Anymore! Trump Crushes Him in an Instant !!!

President Obama has decided to finally take a break from wasting taxpayer money to pay for his luxury trips through Indonesia, only to find a more insulting way to slap all American Tax Payers in the fact.

Obama has decided to go back to politics. Yep, the man who will probably go down in history as the worse President of all times believes he is the right man to revive the Democratic Party. The arrogance in this man is beggars belief. He is the main reason the Democrats went from bad to insane in the first place.

While Trump had a very busy month of July dealing with the mess of Obama’s legacy, Obama decided to pay a visit to Washington to attend a Democratic fundraiser. There Obama thought his presence would allow the Democrats to get the support they required, however, he quickly realized that was not the case.

As Obama got on the podium to sing praise to his Healthcare act and advocate for open homosexuality in the army he was told to shut up. Yep, that right. Not even the Democrats like Obama anymore, and can you blame them?

Funnily enough, it was in this same month that his wife, Michelle Obama, started “campaigning” as she showed up in multiple states to talk about women, racism, and slavery.

It seems that the Michelle is starting to put herself out there in preparation for 2020, but the world is already done with the Obamas, both of them just need to retire once and for all. The Democrats could not pull a Hillary and they won’t be able to pull a Michelle either.

The one silver lining of this all Obama July fiasco is the masterful way in which Trump put Barack back in Place. While Barack decided to show up in Washington to preach about LGBT rights in the Army, Trump just decides to stop him in his tracks by effectively rolling back the most detrimental of the Obama policies. Trump decided to remove transgenders from the army letting Obama know that his liberal practices will never again be allowed within this country so long as Trump is President

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