BREAKING: Obama Cheated On His Taxes, Costing Every Single American Taxpayer A Huge Chunk Of Money

Liberals have been so focused on President Trump’s tax returns that they’ve forgotten that the biggest crook in history is one of their own. Barack Obama, who released pristine, perfect tax returns in 2008 and 2012, was just audited at the request of the Trump White House and what they found is absolutely criminal

14 IRS agents spent the last month combing through the Obama’s tax returns for all of their years in office. Besides the 2012 return, which was purposely cleaned, the First couple, who filed joint returns, stole more than $32 billion from the taxpayers in just under 8 years, or $1000 for every man woman in child in the country.

The money, which was sent offshore to hide it from the government, could have been used to cover the cost of the wall, which is estimated at just slightly less than that. It could also have been put into the pockets of the needy to pay their Obamacare bills. Those who aren’t so needy could have used it to buy things and help build the worst economy since the Great Depression.

As soon as the IRS concludes its investigation, the Obamas could face charges of tax evasion and fraud. Politicians need to learn that they can’t hide their taxes from the people. We will find out and we will hold them accountable in almost every case.


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