BREAKING: Jeff Sessions Shut Down 9th Circuit Court Liberals With EPIC Message To America

Attorney General Jeff Sessions let loose today and explained EXACTLY how he feels about the 9th Circuit Court. Sessions’ message is loud and clear — Democrats better start scrambling for cover because this truth bomb is going to hurt.

The 9th Circuit Court is responsible for shutting down President Trump’s “travel ban.” Sessions let America know that the Executive Branch is supposed to be the body of government that ENSURES that our country is safe, per the Constitution. The court interjecting and stopping the president from executing his power could cause a horrifying effect on our safety as a nation (via Sessions’ official statement).

Attorney General Sessions is correct on so many different levels with just that one piece of his statement. The Executive Branch DOES have the role of ensuring the overall safety of our nation. Two such measures are border security and immigration policy.

If we are in a position where we need to SERIOUSLY worry about who is coming into our country the President is within his rights to take steps to make sure that we are as safe as we can be, ESPECIALLY considering the circumstances. The travel ban was meant to filter through people; to vet people, and make sure no one comes here who would do us any harm.

Instead of recognizing it for what it is, the Left decided they were going to make it all about their feelings. Every time you stop a terrorist from entering the country babies cry, and all that jazz. How about we take FEELINGS out of the equation and worry about the facts?

The facts demonstrate that we DO have something to worry about. For instance, there have been over a thousand people murdered by Muslim extremists during the first half of their holy month of Ramadan. We have watched THREE attacks occur in London in under 30 days.

Children have been MURDERED by savages, and the Left thinks we should have open borders? Do they have an inkling of how DEADLY that decision could turn?

Trump’s travel ban is SUCH a basic concept. We stop people from coming here for a while so we can figure out a proper vetting process to keep dangerous people out.

Instead of seeing it for what it is, liberals are throwing around words like “racist”, “Islamaphobic”, and saying that Trump is “literally Hitler.” The Left refuses to acknowledge there is a problem, even after hearing about instance after instance of people being slaughtered at the hands of these subhuman pieces of garbage.

We are glad that Jeff Sessions is finally standing up and saying what we all knew. The 9th Circuit Court had NO right to stop the travel ban. There is nothing in the ban that infringed on the constitutional rights of the people living in this country. It all boils down to the Left having a desire to resist anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

These biased judges need to be replaced AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. President Trump is going to keep pushing big issues like these forward because they are in the best interest of our great nation.

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