Michelle Obama and her daughters never had to put up with this type of disgraceful behavior when they were the first family.

Never has a first family been so plagued by protesters and people wishing ill towards them as the Trump family has. Liberals are acting like animals to the point that Melania can no longer bring her son to school as it is too dangerous. Barron now has to go with Secret Service agents.

Barron and Melania have an extremely close relationship, and she was one of the only mothers in Barron’s school to personally bring her child to and from school every day. Thanks to the intrusive leftist media and protesters, this can no longer happen, via US Weekly. Both Barron and Melania are left with disappointment and heartbreak that people can be so depraved.

The Obama children were off limits when Barack was busy inflicting his presidential reign on our country because while Republicans didn’t like his policies or what he stood for, we were still decent human beings who understood that people have a right to privacy.

This is why it is so baffling that liberals attack the Trump family constantly, no matter what they do. Ivanka was attacked just for posting pictures of her and her kids baking for the holidays, via The Angry Patriot.

Many kids who come from privileged backgrounds end up engaging in a lot of drug-related or criminal activity. No one needs to be reminded of how many kids in the public eye end up with problems, records, and mugshots.

However, Donald Trump always ensured that his kids were raised right and that they had close relationships with their mother and father. He did this for his four older children, and now he is doing the same for Barron.

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