BREAKING: Governor Just Signed A Bill That Allows Illegal Immigrants To Vote.

California is filled with liberals and is controlled by the DNC, which automatically means it is filled with corruption and ignorance.

Jerry Brown, Governor of California, has signed the New Motor Voter Act, which registers people to vote through the DMV automatically, and you know what’s the catch? it results in ILLEGALS BEING ABLE TO VOTE.

Now, the DNC has a history of corruption, but this is just insane, as a bill like this, would only allow them to further cement their domination in the state of California.

It is obvious to everyone that the DNC is only looking to strengthen their positions by any means necessary, even by allowing non-citizens to vote, if that doesn’t prove how corrupt and unfit they are, I don’t know what does.

This corruption from the DNC must end, and gladly, President Donald J. Trump is pursuing these issues with passion, as he promised, he WILL Drain The Swamp.

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