Bernie Sanders Just Got Publicly Humiliated for Saying the Stupidest Thing Ever

Liberals and some “Never Trump” Republicans have trying to create a story out of allegations that Russia interfered with our election. However, these same liberals don’t seem to have any problem with the fact that Democrats almost chose an out and proud socialist as their party’s nominee in 2016.

 Bernie Sanders caucuses with the Democrats, but he self-identifies as a Socialist, inspired by Communist thinkers like Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin. Bernie is well-known for saying ridiculous things, but he just made his most outrageous and stupid statement ever. Thankfully, people called him out on it in humiliating fashion.

Bernie is always making wild and untrue statements about the economy, promoting socialist redistribution of wealth. Said Bernie recently via Twitter, “38 years ago, the top 0.1% owned about 7% of our nation’s wealth. Today, that same 0.1% owns 22% of the wealth.”

 That sounds important, but Republican Ben Shapiro outed it as a lie. He said, “In 1979, life expectancy was 7 years shorter, and upper middle class was 12% of US (today 30%). We’re all richer.”

Some knee-jerk liberals on social media stated how we’re all worse off in 2017, and Shapiro shot back, “Except for how we have cellphones, computers, air conditioning, larger living spaces on average, you’re right.” Others on Twitter backed him up. Said one user, “Ever notice Libs always want to sink some boats instead of having a rising tide lift all boats?” Added another, “That and they ignore the fact that people comprising each of those percentiles always change. That’s the definition of opportunity.” Are you glad that liar Bernie Sanders got shot down like this?


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