99% Of America Didn’t See Who Secretly Met At The White House Last Night… THIS IS HUGE!

FBI Director James Comey was at the White House on Friday. You didn’t see much about it on the media. This came days after the FBI announced that they were investigating ties between Trump and Russia.

The White House officially announced that Comey was visiting for a “routine interagency meeting” – but they wouldn’t release who he met with in the meeting.

*** There was no meeting listed on President Trump’s schedule!

TV cameras did catch Comey entering the West Wing and he left an hour later.

If you didn’t remember, James Comey made a huge revelation in front of the House Intelligence Committee on Monday. The FBI Director revealed that the FBI is probing whether Trump’s presidential campaign and transition team cooperated with Moscow to meddle int he 2016 election.

Comey then said that there is no evidence to back up Trump’s claim that Obama wiretapped Obama during the election.

If you remember, he said this about Hillary Clinton, Trump and Russia.

Sooooooo… Do you think James Comey is going to get fired???

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