​The Incredible Thing The President Did For Florida Will Save Lives From Irma!

It’s amazing how hard the media tries to cut our Leader down, in spite of the proof that he is doing an incredible job!

He has done so much for Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey and what he is doing for Florida against Hurricane Irma.

Watch this raving audit of our Leader’s performance:

Professor Caroline Heldman thinks the president did an incredible job with Harvey, and he keeps on bringing help from that storm. She says “we are beginning to see him sparkle.” She went ahead to state that he is doing “a particularly great job” in regards to hurricane relief.

As indicated by Florida Senator Rick Scott, the president talks with him “practically daily.” Trump said that he will provide whatever assets he requires. Scott himself has said that “we will save no cost to spare each life in this state.”

In this way, together, Trump and Scott are resolved to do whatever is necessary to spare lives amidst this second natural disaster to hit our sweet nation in the previous couple of weeks.

If you think that the president is doing an exceptionally good job, comment “Good Job, Mr. President!” and share this everywhere.


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